International Approach

Our school program is based on the state curriculum of the Ministry of Education of the Sarajevo Canton and Science (MOES) of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but is professionally adapted to the unique needs of foreign students.

We achieve this with the help and support of the Cambridge International Primary program. As our school is attended by children of different nationalities, a multicultural spirit can be felt in all our activities.

Richmond Park Primary School offers an international curriculum, and all communication in the teaching process is conducted in English. In addition, our students learn Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian language according to the MON KS curriculum and German language from the fifth grade as a second foreign language.

The school implements the above-mentioned curriculum with the help of highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated teaching staff who are committed to each child in relation to their abilities with the aim of achieving their full potential.

Admission Process

  1. Families contact the school by phone or email to schedule an informational meeting.
  2. Conducting an informational meeting, touring the school, and informing about the necessary documentation for enrolling the child in the school.
  3. A conversation with the school pedagogue and providing the necessary documentation. (Parents are obliged to report special learning requests (needs) upon registration.)
  4. Students who are enrolling in older grades will have a conversation with the English language teacher to assess whether the student needs the EAL program.
  5. Enrolled students and their parents understand and accept the regulations that are implemented within Richmond Park Primary School in Sarajevo.

Application Requirements

Children who turn 6 years old by September 1st of the current year are enrolled in the first grade.
All students of older grades who apply for IPSS need to provide a certificate of passing the previous grade. If students enroll in the RP Primary school after completing the previous grade in another country or education system, it is necessary to do the equivalency of grades in the Ministry of Education KS. In order to make this process easier, we provide assistance in collecting and submitting documentation.
Since the classes are taught in English, prior knowledge is desirable. However, if a student enrolls in older grades without prior knowledge of English at a satisfactory level, they are given access to the EAL program.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Program

Students for whom English is not a mother tongue have the opportunity to learn or further improve their English. Most of our school’s students are not from English-speaking areas, and we are proud that they learn to use English as a foreign language very well during their education.

Many of these students need a certain level of support in learning English as a foreign language in order to better follow the teaching process. With the aim of integrating into the new environment, we organize the EAL program, which includes additional classes – EAL Program.