Richmond Park Campus is a comprehensive educational complex located in Sarajevo that includes a kindergarten, primary school, high school, and a college. The campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities and provides a top-notch educational experience for students of all ages. 

The primary school building has a wide range of rooms and facilities, including a large sports hall, tatami room, cinema hall, restaurant, biology, physics, and chemistry labs, computer science lab, school cafeteria, library, activity rooms, Smart Kids classroom, robotics classroom, sleeping quarters, and more. 

With our modern facilities, experienced staff, and comprehensive curriculum, we aim to enable students to achieve their full potential and succeed in their academic and professional lives.

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RP International Preschool Sarajevo

RP International Primary School Sarajevo

RP International Secondary School Sarajevo

Richmond Park College Sarajevo

International Burch University

The Richmond Park Schools campus in Sarajevo is located at Francuske revolucije bb street, Ilidža. It consists of the RP International Kindergarten, RP International Primary School, RP International High School, Richmond Park College, and the International Burch University. 

Additionally, the campus also houses the general management office, male and female dormitory accommodation, as well as a sports hall with several outdoor sports fields. 

The campus is closed type; access is provided through a card control system and is fully covered by video surveillance.

A wide range of excellent equipment and services


Modern classrooms

The classrooms are equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards, and projectors for better teaching.

Scientific laboratories

Natural sciences are studied in specialized laboratories equipped to standards that enable quality teaching.

Multimedia hall

Our multimedia halls, with capacities of 80 and 420 seats, are used for various programs and events.


Students read their favorite books in spacious, well-equipped libraries.


Sports hall

The big sports hall has a multipurpose field for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and other sports.

Sports terrain

In addition to the sports hall, the campus also has outdoor basketball courts for sports activities.


In the restaurant, fresh and healthy meals are served every working day - breakfast and lunch.


Students have access to the school cafeteria where they can buy snacks and refreshments every day.



Many classrooms have installed smart interactive boards that enhance the teaching experience.

Resting area

During breaks, students can use the common rooms for rest and social activities.

Club space

Extracurricular activities in the form of various clubs are held in special rooms designed for that purpose.

Parking lots

There is a parking lot in front of the school that parents and visitors can access.