Admission Policy – RP Primary Sarajevo

Admission Policy

Statement of Aim

International Primary School Sarajevo (IPSS) has been offering quality education for students from all nationalities since 1998. The school, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is an independent, multinational school.

IPSS aims to provide students with academic learning opportunities, appropriate social skills, and emotional health. IPSS welcomes students from different ethnic groups, backgrounds, and beliefs to its community. The school will enroll students for which it has the means to support emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively.



The International Elementary School of Sarajevo and its curriculum are authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Canton Sarajevo.

Additionally, the School is a regular member of Cambridge International Examinations for Cambridge Primary Program. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international education programs and qualifications for 5–19 years old. CIE qualifications are taken in over 160 countries and recognized by universities, education providers, and employers across the world.


An International approach

Our School curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Education and Science (MOES) of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina but has been expertly adapted to meet the unique needs of international students.

This is achieved with the help and support of the Cambridge International Primary Program. The School is a regular member of Cambridge International Examinations for Cambridge Primary Program. With various nationalities represented across the school, this multicultural influence can be felt in everything done with the school. Through a topic-based approach, students cover all areas of the curriculum, but with a clear international bias.

IPSS offers the curriculum at the international level in which the English language is used as the medium of classroom instruction in mainstream school subjects. Additionally, at IPSS students learn Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian Language according to the curriculum from the MOES, Canton Sarajevo.

The school applies the above-mentioned curriculum with highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated professional teachers who are committed to ensuring that each child is valued, cared for, and given every opportunity to reach their full potential.


Opportunity to all

IPSS provides opportunities to learn, discover and experience life beyond the classroom – the school focus on developing the whole child, finding out what stimulates and inspires them to push themselves and achieve more.

We believe in the value of community in all its forms and provide many opportunities for our children to engage with the different communities around them – including the local and international community. Through a combination of day to day school activities and the wide-ranging co-curricular program and we have created an environment where every child can thrive.


Students with Special Learning Needs

Applicants with mild social/emotional issues, learning difficulties or other special needs are referred to our Special Needs Coordinator (School Pedagogue) for evaluation. The decision to admit the child will be made by the Principal based on the recommendation of the Special Needs Coordinator.

If it is determined that the school is unable to accommodate a candidate’s special needs, we will direct parents to a more suitable option. There may be an additional cost incurred depending upon the level of need. This will be applied with discretion in consultation with the SEN coordinator and the Principal.



  • Families will be seeking to register their children.
  • The school will request official documents necessary for enrollment.
  • Admission decisions are made based on an applicant’s best interest, Ministry of education regulations and IPSS admission procedures.



  1. Families contact the school principal to verify eligibility and tour the school facilities.
  2. The school requires official academic records and other relevant school documents from previous schools.
  3. Students’ special learning requirements must be declared at registration by the parents. Those students are referred to our Special Needs Coordinator (school pedagogue) for evaluation.
  4. All health and/or learning disabilities must be reported during registration by parents. All records from previous school/psychologists/doctors must be submitted. Those students are referred to our Special Needs Coordinator (school pedagogue) for evaluation.
  5. Students will be expected to have achieved a satisfactory grade level standard at their previous school.
  6. Students will be asked to sit for an interview with a teacher to decide to do they need EAL (English as an Additional Language) support.
  7. Enrolled students and their parents understand and accept all policies (policies related to students’ behavior, reporting ill-health and consequent absence from school, dress code for students, homework and professional protocols) enforced by IPSS.


Entry requirements

English is the language of instruction for the mainstream classes of the curriculum. Additionally, At Richmond Park IPSS student learn Bosnian/ Serbian/Croatian language according to the curriculum from MOES of BIH. So, the medium of instruction for some courses is B/S/C language.

The ability to successfully access the curriculum within a reasonable time and to thrive in our English-language learning environment is the guiding principle for admission to the school. In early ages, immersion in the English language curriculum is usually stuffiest for children to quickly develop proficient English language skills. On this basis, children may be admitted to our school regardless of their level of English proficiency. IPSS teachers are trained to support language acquisition and learning by non-native English speakers.

All students applying to IPSS must provide school records for the previous two academic years and/or other documentation regarding their level of English language proficiency.

Applicants may also, be asked to take an academic assessment test. Provided academic ability is evidenced, the School will consider options that would allow the student to study to attend the EAL program and then join the appropriate mainstream class.


EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Students who do not have English as their primary language must receive the support they need to develop and operate successfully in the English language. Most of our students are from non-English speaking backgrounds and we celebrate the fact that most of our students are good speakers of more than one language.

Many of these students require some level of support in English as an additional language to cope with the considerable transition from learning in their native language into our English medium curriculum. The students who need EAL support are decided after a meeting with the teachers and their relevant year leaders.


Class Sizes

A maximum number of students in Grades 1-9 is 24.


Student Placement – Academic Year 2020/2021:

Children entering the grade 1 in IPSS will be placed according to their year of birth:

Grade 1Children born in the year 20156 years old by 1st September, 2021

New student placements for grades 2 to 9 will be made based on the child’s previous educational records and the decision of the Federal Ministry of Education and Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cases where applicants apply from a different education system or country.


Exceptional Admissions

The child’s birthday falls within a month on either side of 1st September. If parents feel their child would benefit from being placed out of age, the school will assess the child and talk to the child’s parents to ascertain the best position. The appropriate decision is then made by the School regarding the final placement.