Campus – RP Primary Sarajevo


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We are constantly building an engaging and attractive environment where every aspect of design meets our students' expectations


RP International Secondary School Sarajevo

RP International Primary School Sarajevo

RP International Preschool Sarajevo

Richmond Park College Sarajevo

International Burch University

The Richmond Park Schools campus in Sarajevo is located at Francuske revolucije bb, Ilidža. It consists of RP International Secondary School, RP International Primary School, RP International Preschool, Richmond Park College and International Burch University. Also, the campus features RPS headquarters, men's and women's dormitory, as well as a sports hall with several outdoor sports fields.

The campus is closed-type, with a card-based entry/exit control system and fully covered by video surveillance.

A wide range of excellent equipment and services


Modern classrooms

Classrooms are equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards and projectors for better quality teaching.

Scientific laboratories

Natural sciences are being held in specially equipped laboratories which are made by the standards that enable quality lessons.

Multimedia hall

Our 420-seat multimedia hall is used for various programs and events.


For those who like to read, we have a library and a reading room so that students can read their favorite content in peace.


Sports terrain

In addition to the gym, the campus also houses an outdoor basketball court for sports activities.

Sports hall

Sports hall with large capacity has a multi-functional field for football, basketball, volleyball and other sports.


We serve a healthy and varied food at the restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are standard meals, while dinner is available for students staying in the dormitory.

Canteens & cafeterias

Canteens and cafeterias are available for students offering their services during short and long breaks.


Resting area

We have resting area available for different needs of our students. They can use it during the break.

Club space

Extracurricular activities in means of various clubs have their own space in our campuses.

STEM Education

With the suitable equipment, our students actively engage in STEM projects and competitions.

Parking lots

The campus also has designated parking facilities along with an entry/exit card system.


Computers for students and staff

All classrooms and staff offices have computer equipment for more productive work.


In majority of the classrooms we have installed smartboards which enable interactive lessons and provide a better learning experience.

School Management Software

Students and parents have access to SchoolMind where they can keep track of grades, absences, homework, and much more.

Free Wi-Fi

Our campuses are covered with free internet, available to our students and parents via Wi-Fi network.