FAQ – RP Primary Sarajevo


  1. What curriculum does IPSS provide?

Our School curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for BH Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Education and Science but has been expertly adapted to meet the unique needs of our international student body. IPSS offers a British style education supported by the Cambridge Primary Curriculum in English, Math and Science, adapted to suit the needs of our international students as well as those from our host country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  1. What is the maximum number of students in a class?

The maximum number of students in a class is 20.


  1. Who attends IPSS?

IPSS attends students from different races, cultures, and religious backgrounds. Currently, students from 20 countries attend IPSS. Many of IPSS’s students come from the local community, diplomatic families and expat families posted overseas by international companies.


  1. How many students attend IPSS?

There are currently approximately 400 students enrolled at IPSS.


  1. Is there a waiting list?

Currently is not a waiting list for entry into the school. From time to time, classes can reach their maximum limit, which is why it is advised to apply to school as early as possible.


  1. Do you accept students who do not speak English?

Yes, IPSS does enroll students who do not speak English at all grade levels. For those students, we offer EAL program, free of charge, that helps to develop and operate successfully in the English language.


  1. Do you accept students with learning difficulties?

Students with mild social/emotional issues, learning difficulties, or other special needs are referred to our Special Needs Coordinator (School Pedagogue) for evaluation. The decision to admit the child will be made by the Principal based on the recommendation of the Special Needs Coordinator. If it is determined that the school is unable to accommodate a candidate’s special needs, we will direct parents to a more suitable option.


  1. Does IPSS offer extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities are a very important part of education. Our intention is to provide each student with a chance to develop an area of interest and to enhance their experience of school life overall. IPSS offers various extracurricular activities such as: karate, judo, basket, football, gymnastics, robotics, swimming, art, etc. Most clubs are free of charge; however, a fee will be applied if they are offered by an external teacher.


  1. Does IPSS offer breakfast and lunch?

IPSS provides food services through an external contracted company. Please contact Admissions Office for further details.


  1. Does IPSS provide bus service?

IPSS does not provide a bus service.  Our admission officer will share with you contact details of bus companies that are offering a transfer to the school.


  1. Does IPSS have a dress code?

The school has a school uniform, which the children are always expected to wear in the school.


  1. Can I enroll my child to IPSS during the school year?

Yes, IPSS accepts the enrollment of students during the school year. All you need is to contact us by email at [email protected].


  1. What is the paperwork that I need to prepare for my application?

Documentation required for enrollment in school for BH citizens: birth certificate, CIPS and medical certificate for first graders.

Required documentation for enrollment in school for foreign citizens: birth certificate, ID card or other identification documents, medical certificate for first graders.

For students who have already attended school in another country, Equivalence decision is also required.