Grade Placement – RP Primary Sarajevo

Grade Placement

In our school, students are usually assigned the appropriate grade based on their age on September 1st of their entry year, as it is presented in the table below. In case applicants are applying from a different education system or country, the grading system may be a bit different than what you are used to. When placing an applicant at the right level, the following criteria will be examined:
  • An applicant must have completed their previous grade level until September to be placed in the next grade level in IPPS
  • If an applicant is submitted during first or second term, he/she must submit a current Grade Progress Report or Semester/Trimester Report Card or Transcript.
  • A proficient level of English is required for enrollment in grades 6-9 (EAL program is available and can be organized for applicants that does not know English language at a satisfactory level. The students who need EAL support are decided after a meeting with the teachers and their relevant year leaders.)
  • In cases where applicants apply from a different education system or country, they must submit confirmation that the equivalence of educational documents is ongoing by the Federal Ministry of Education and Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

IPSS Grade LevelYear of BirthUK Equivalent YearRequired Academic Records
Grade 1 - Primary School /
2015Year 2 - Primary SchoolKindergarten/Year 1 Report card
Grade 2 - Primary School /
2014Year 3 - Primary SchoolKindergarten and Year 1 /
Year 1 and Year 2 Report cards
Grade 3 - Primary School /
2013Year 4 - Primary SchoolGrades 1 and 2 /
Year 2 and 3 Report cards
Grade 4 - Primary School /
2012Year 5 - Primary SchoolGrades 2 and 3 /
Year 3 and 4 Report cards
Grade 5 - Primary School /
2011Year 6 - Primary SchoolGrades 3 and 4 /
Year 4 and 5 Report cards
Grade 6 - Middle School /
Lower Secondary
2010Year 7 - Secondary SchoolGrades 4 and 5 /
Year 5 and 6 Report cards
Grade 7 - Middle School /
Lower Secondary
2009Year 8 - Secondary SchoolGrades 5 and 6 /
Year 6 and 7 Report cards
Grade 8 - Middle School /
Lower Secondary
2008Year 9 - Secondary SchoolGrades 6 and 7 /
Year 7 and 8 Report cards
Grade 9 - Middle School /
Lower Secondary
2007Year 10 - Secondary SchoolGrades 7 and 8 /
Year 8 and 9 Report cards


AgeYear/Grade at RPEUKUSACurriculum stageSchools
1-2Younger ToddlersPre-NurseryInfantsFoundation Stage 1Pre-School/Kindergarten
2-3Nursery 2NurseryToddlersFoundation Stage 1Pre-School/Kindergarten
3-4Nursery 2FoundationPre-SchoolFoundation Stage 1Pre-School/Kindergarten
4-5KG1ReceptionPre-KFoundation Stage 2Pre-School/Kindergarten
5-6KG2Year 1KindergartenFoundation Stage 2Pre-School/Kindergarten
6-71Year 2Grade 1Key Stage 1Elementary/Primary School
7-82Year 3Grade 2Key Stage 2Elementary/Primary School
8-93Year 4Grade 3Key Stage 2Elementary/Primary School
9-104Year 5Grade 4Key Stage 2Elementary/Primary School
10-115Year 6Grade 5Key Stage 2Elementary/Primary School
11-126Year 7Grade 6Key Stage 2Middle School/Lower Secondary
12-137Year 8Grade 7Key Stage 3Middle School/Lower Secondary
13-148Year 9Grade 8Key Stage 3Middle School/Lower Secondary
14-159Year 10Grade 9Key Stage 3Middle School/Lower Secondary
15-1610Year 11Grade 10Key Stage 4 IGCSEHigh/Secondary School
16-1711Year 12Grade 11Key Stage 4 IGCSEHigh/Secondary School
17-1812Year 13Grade 12High/Secondary School
18-1913High/Secondary School