Tuition Fees – RP Primary Sarajevo

Tuition Fees

IPSS children are happy, motivated students, developing with the support of a team of highly professional and experienced teachers who understand the unique needs of both local and international families.

The educational package at IPSS includes the following tuition fees and additional fees and they are calculated on the school year basis and not on the age of the child.

Tuition can be paid in 1 or 2 installments, but IPSS provides an installment plan for parents who need financial assistance. The plan must be signed in person in the Admission Office for enrollment to be considered complete.

According to Decision about Scholarships and Discounts, Student is granted following discount(s) under the following condition(s):

  • For 2021-2022 academic year tuition fees will be 2.5% discount if the student re-enrolls by Monday, May 31, 2021. 1/3 of tuition fee must be paid to re-enroll and guarantee a spot for next academic year.
  • For siblings there is an additional discount of 5% for each student.

In case of increased prices of bills and costs necessary for undisturbed activities of the school (gas, electricity, water, etc.), the price of the tuition fee shall increase up to 3%.

The fees do not include textbooks, stationeries, accommodation and meal costs, residence permission (in case of international students), transport, or any other additional courses or trainings leading to some certificates that are not a part of the curriculum or any excursion or travel.

The representative is required to pay the tuition determined in this Contract to the currency-account of the school, number: 1990490099552796, Sparkasse Bank dd.