At Richmond Park Elementary School, classes are taught in English starting from the first grade. To make this possible, we use the Jolly Phonics program and Raz-Kids application as part of our curriculum.

Jolly Phonics program is a fun and interactive program through which students learn to read, write and pronounce words in English. It uses a phonetic approach that separates words into individual sounds and teaches students how to combine these sounds to form words.

The program is designed to be engaging and interactive, with various resources including songs, games and activities that help students develop their language skills in a fun and memorable way.

By learning the sounds of the English language in this way, students improve their pronunciation and spelling, as well as their overall language ability. One of the unique features of the Jolly Phonics program is that it teaches letter sounds in a specific sequence, starting with the most commonly used and gradually progressing to more complex sounds. T

he program helps students build a strong foundation of knowledge that they can use for more effective reading and writing.

Raz-Kids application is a digital reading program designed for elementary school children. This application offers various types of books adapted to different levels of reading ability.

Each text is accompanied by interactive materials, including comprehension questions, vocabulary, and phonics exercises, which help children develop their reading skills and comprehension.

This application also provides parents and teachers with insight into the progress of students through analysis of reading and progress at the end of each book.

Raz-Kids application is simple and interactive, providing users with an excellent opportunity to improve their language abilities and develop a reading culture.