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SchoolMind is an advanced application used in our school to facilitate and improve communication between teachers, students, and parents. With the aim of making our school better and more modern, SchoolMind allows us to adapt to the needs of our users and offer them a comprehensive solution for managing the curriculum.

The application enables students to access their grades, assignments, and class schedules from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, SchoolMind allows parents to stay informed about their child's progress and achievements.

Teachers can easily share information with students and parents through the application, including lesson plans, absence notifications, homework, and test schedules.

All important student data is stored in one place, reducing the time and effort required for administration and increasing the efficiency of our school.

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Check your child's grades, track absences, assignments, don't forget when the next test is, and much more through the SchoolMind desktop and mobile application.


Dedicated Apps

SchoolMind provides a dedicated app for students, parents and teachers, each having unique features beneficial for the user and being available for both Android and iOS.

Daily Timetable

You can see the daily lesson plan and time schedule on the Dashboard. Lessons are designed with a colorful interface, easily distinguished from each other.


Students, teachers, and parents can view grades from all subjects and overall performance in a simple and visually appealing interface.


Within the application, it is possible to see the dates and times when the child was absent from regular classes.



The application allows tracking of student behavior and conduct. Additionally, students have the ability to earn extra points through the application.


Easy organization of tasks is enabled by a simple system that explains the method, date, and content of assignments.


Students and parents can communicate with teachers through the internal messaging system.