Tuition Fees

Tuition fees can be paid in 1 or 2 installments, and Richmond Park Primary school offers a payment plan in multiple installments for parents who need financial assistance. The plan must be signed personally during the enrollment of the child and the signing of the contract.

According to the Decision on Scholarships and Discounts, discounts are granted to students under the following conditions:

5% discount for students coming from Richmond Park Preschool institution 5% discount for students who have siblings in one of RP educational institutions 5% discount for students whose parents attended one of Richmond Park institutions.

In the event of an increase in the prices of bills and costs necessary for the smooth running of school activities (gas, electricity, water, etc.), the tuition fee may increase up to 10% during the child's education.

The tuition fee includes extended stay until 5 pm and one club activity per week.

The student representative is required to pay the tuition fee determined in the contract to the school's foreign exchange account, number: 1990490099552796, Sparkasse Bank dd.